Paramatrix Technologies: A Brand New Approach Towards Enterprise Project Management

CIO Vendor Complexity of today’s business projects and operations has made project management a crucial organizational need. Today, it is well understood that among the other aspects managing the project resources directly impacts their objectives and vision, which in turn drives the organization forward. This makes Enterprise Project Resource Management more relevant today than it was in its early years. Furthermore, the modern enterprise that is characterized by increased co-existing of projects and sharing of resources among them, collaboration on the Cloud, and across geographical boundaries, and work managed and executed in different time zones, and sometimes even outside the boundaries of the organization can prove to become an operational nightmare in the absence of robust solutions that are enterprise in the truest sense of the word (as described above). In being able to function in these complex environments lies success and profitability.

Sophisticated Application without the Baggage of Complexity
Paramatrix’s EPPM is an enterprise application which has been developed inside-out with precision and minute details, creating a new born approach to the Enterprise Project Management in accordance with the principles of the PMI. The EPPM is hosted on the AWS Cloud and is operable entirely from the web browser and also has mobility support on IOS and Android. Inclusive of the workflows to Manage Time-sheets and Progress Approvals with complex reporting capabilities, the hallmark of the EPPM is its effective management of resources across the various endeavours of the organization across the enterprise, be it Projects (Waterfall and Agile), Operations and Unstructured one-off works that is a reality in every organization that often go unaccounted. Another gap the EPPM addresses is the absence of the framework to be able to assign the right resource for the job. The Competency Management Framework of the EPPM along with the Enterprise Resource Utilization Information enables the EPPM to do this.

Some of the highlights of the EPPM are – Robust Schedule Computation Engine, Powerful Resource Planning Framework, an Elaborate Endeavor
Organization, a Scope Management Framework that allows High Traceability of Broad Requirements and their Objectives to the work elements in a Granular WBS, an elaborate work allocation and work tracking model.

“The EPPM is operable from any standards compliant web browser without having to install client components or performing any configurations. It is available on the SaaS Model, and therefore can be subscribed and used globally. Additionally, the mobility support ensures business continuity even while outside the workplace and on-the-go. This mobility-cum-cloud strategy makes us believe that the EPPM will have takers from all corners of the world and every industry – traditional and modern, as it has minimum or no Cap-ex,” says Mukesh Thumar, CEO & MD, Paramatrix.

The EPPM is operable from any standards compliant web browser without having to install client components or performing any configurations. It is available on the SaaS Model, and therefore can be subscribed and used globally

Other Noteworthy Solutions and Platforms from Paramatrix
Paramatrix’ Solutions and Platforms come with impeccable quality and high business-orientation; some of them being: DROANA – An entirely cloud-based eClassroom solution for providing training, assessment, and collaboration for both Universities/Corporates; INSIGHT - A flexible platform with integrated dashboards that enable analytics on the organisation’s activity information with specific focus of identifying opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell within existing clientele; PERFORM – An integrated platform with dashboards and alert systems that measure employee’s targets across the products/services along with qualification criteria and business rules; PACE – A middleware framework that allows rapid development and deployment of Robust Enterprise Application with teams with minimum technical skills. The competencies of Paramatrix lie mainly in the areas of Enterprise Solutions, Cloud, Analytics, AI/ML, RPA and Mobility.