Syook: Enterprise Systems Leveraging Indoor Location

The most important asset to any enterprise is its people. More often than not, managing a large workforce to enable them work coherently to generate maximum value is a challenge. In order to increase overall operational efficiency there is a need ensure safety, increase productivity and monitor compliance of this work force in any enterprise. Syook, a startup headquartered in Bengaluru, is using the latest in IoT technology to help companies optimize people productivity.

Syook’s flagship product SyookTrack, locates in realtime, the position of individuals in a facility. Apart from plotting the position on a cloud based map, the application also gives insights into the time spent by different people in various areas. One of the most important sectors, where there very high standards of safety and compliance is the manufacturing sector. Traditionally, this sector was using paper based systems and is now moving towards computer based applications. Due to safety and privacy concerns, in most environments, a mobile phone is not the best way to locate people. Hence Syook determines location without a mobile phone, using an ID card with a special chip inside.

The founding team has several years of working in the oil field in different countries. “Living and working for long periods in different countries closely interacting with various cultures have helped us understand the pain points of our customers better”, says Arjun Nagarajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Syook. “There is a thread of commonality when it comes to what enterprises are looking for when it comes to safety, productivity and compliance in demanding environments, and SyookTrack is a single solution to a lot of problems“
Aman Agarwal, CTO and resident geek at Syook says “We want to change the way enterprise systems are being built. A large percentage of the workforce spends a lot of time recording data and filling forms on the computer so that the top brass can draw insights. Using IoT this data entry becomes automatic so that people waste no time on reporting and get real work done”.

Syook determines location without a mobile phone, using an ID card with a special chip inside

Introduction of any new business system is met by resistance at different levels in the workforce since it often means more work for all employees involved. Syook has introduced non intrusive applications, with least data entry to increase overall efficiency. As Aman so eloquently mentions, “How can we have an application for improving productivity if employees waste time recording what they and others have been doing in that application?”

Focusing on factories, hospitals and schools, the team at Syook is obsessed with making their product simple, intuitive and easy to use. Their vision of creating the new generation of IoT based enterprise solutions seems to have gotten off to a solid start with their indoor tracking system that is ultimately helping the Industry increase its operational efficiency.