Spine Technologies: Empowering Enterprise Assets with Exploitive Cloud Computation

Nilesh Shah, CEO
The fast paced business landscape is radically changing, and currently facing disjointed situation. The differing approach to both technology and data management is increasing the need of a streamlined and integrated platform that often have cost, time and resource implications. Enterprise Asset Management(EAM)is one such tool for assisting enterprises with their core asset repositories, and thereby supporting the asset management functions across the lifecycle of the asset base. Headquartered in Mumbai, Spine Technologies specializes in application development for several aspects of Asset management.

Managing Component Level Asset Description
The vital and the most active line of any asset management is managing human resource with optimized resources. Keeping the aforesaid vision,Spine Technologies has developed Spine Assets Manager– a robust software taking care of repository fixed assets data. It analyzes and manages complete life cycle of fixed assets from acquisition to disposal including barcode label generation, warranty, and AMC cycle of fixed assets. The authorization and the workflow setup for raising various ‘requests on real time’, aids in the smooth and effective functioning of the assets flow in the organization. It manages component level depreciation within the scope of multiple books i.e. under Company’s Act, Income Tax Act and Management Books for MNCs.
Certainly EAM is a tool to empower organizing assets and improve efficiency. Managing assets across departments, facilities, and locations can optimize and extend their life cycle. With the company’s complete fixed asset life-cycle management, complete warranty and AMC management, the software with its agility and customization, meets customer requirements efficiently. An enterprise’s life -cycle management expands the database profoundly while mandating a strong Cloud infrastructure need. A robust and flexible cloud infrastructure allows businesses to perceive the utmost benefit of their software investments. Software developed by Spine Technologies have an easy interface with third party tools which simplifies information sharing, IT processes by providing easy user interface , seamless mobile integrations to optimize the processes and fully exploit cloud computing.

Software developed by Spine Technologies have an easy interface with third party tools which simplifies information sharing

Reinforced Customer-Centric CRM
Spine Technologies’ effort to interact continuously with the customers at various levels ropes in all levels of Management team that continuously thrives in delivering the quality as committed. To facilitate this, various training and induction processes are carried out to groom with a Centralized CRM and regular analysis. Keeping in pace with the rapid transformation, Spine Technologies vies to geographically expand itself across India and neighboring countries and flourish its customer-centric platform.