QTS Solutions: Promising Accurate Tracking Prospects

Soumen Majumdar, COO& Suresh Mishra, CEO
Far too often, current organization culture involves paying a lot of attention to an impressive data collection effort. This is followed by spending months processing the data to import it into their enterprise asset management system. Even worse, after such an expense, some agencies find that the data collection paid for is incompatible with their enterprise asset tracking system. Growing on IoT based services, Delhi headquartered QTS Solutions has built a customizable real time tracking solution that enables seamless integration of device data into other enterprise applications. QTS Solutions has earned a name for itself in the market for offering both, hardware and software applications merged in a single suite, there by comprehensively satisfying customer requirements.

QTS’solutions meet real time user's expectations by automating the entire asset management operations and add back office reporting and tracking functions. The business challenges of remote asset management and control are effectively addressed by multiuser, cloud based SaaS enterprise application for asset management while APIs enable integration with existing ERP systems for data analysis. QTS Solutions flexible EAM system in market is a scalable modular solution that grows according to the organization’s need. It can further be customized to enhance user friendliness and tailored to meet the requirement of users with various filtered options to provide ‘overview on smooth running’ and ‘extra attention required’ area.

Tracking on Point
QTS has introduced the operational model of movable and immovable asset management and tracking. Changing the ground rules of Asset
tracking industry, QTS is delivering Asset Management as a service called ‘A pay as you go model’. QTS Solution’s Enterprise Asset Management System involves managing organizational assets (both physical information and financial information), managing assets(capitalized, consumables, hardware, application, and command centre), Asset Tracking - as a service, and adopting customer’s process and standards.

QTS Solutions flexible EAM system in market is a scalable modular solution that grows according to the organization’s need

With HR functions getting a make-over with automated tracking systems, Employee tracking systems are witnessing tough competitions to stay bright in the market. QTS Solutions’ Employee Tracking System is in SaaS(Software as a Service)cloud platform, catering to field sales force management, field service optimisation and field task management. The application enables the field workforce with real time insights to manage field activities and increase productivity, improve quality of service delivery and deliver a higher level of customer engagement experience.

QTS is investing to launch data analytics capabilities in their new releases. Besides, the company is working towards developing analytical algorithms to help clients optimize their cost, reduce wastage and control pilferage. With a dedicated team of experienced industry professionals, QTS Solutions works towards enabling businesses to better track their assets without compromising with the authenticity and quality of services.