Nanosoft Technologies: Assisting FM Companies to Streamline and Automate Maintenance Activities

As a consequence of higher scrutiny and tighter regulations,it has become a matter of utmost urgency for companies to look for partners that can deliver and manage facility services while taking on the associated risk. The services providers on parallel seek for best-in-class technology implementers. Headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Nanosoft Engineers India(Pvt)Limited is focused on providing technology solutions to Facility Maintenance companies and Property Owners across Middle East Asia. Nanosoft has operations established in UAE, KSA and Oman.

Eashak Ali B, Director at Nanosoft Group explains how crucial it is for asset management software to have the ability to store/retrieve and process information of an asset across various business functions for increased life cycle and decision making. Nanosoft emphasizes on a structured hierarchy of data inputs for collection and storing asset data such as asset name, asset codes/classification, barcoding, data sheets, make, model, technical specification, cost with warranty& depreciation, standard operating procedures, and documents etc.

More than Just an EAM Application
Nanosoft’s CAFM(Computer Aided Facility Management)called SMART FM, is an on point solution for solving Asset Lifecycle management challenges. This CAFM accounts for end to end solution supporting various business functions within an organization providing holistic view of operations and its supporting departments.

SMART FM range of products ensure 100 percent participation by defining specific user roles such as management, FM operations, help desk, purchase,finance, HR with time attendance, self service portal for clients to submit and track requests. There is more to an EAM application than just work order tracking and maintenance scheduling.

To call it an ideal solution,an application requires to leave no stone unturned.

SMART FM has been adept in keeping a check on the revenue streams as well. The budgeting module of SMART FM drives the planning of financials involved in maintenance and managing assets. The user can also track the expenses of a specific asset which in turn increases the equipment reliability and the available set of data helps the organization on decision making. The budget module allows the user to categorize the financial planning by Mechanical, AC, Electrical, Plumbing services and facilitated with an option to add new categories as well.

SMART FM range product ensure 100 Percent Participation by defining specific user

More Over mobility solution has been a turnkey FM software implemention and Plays a Crucial Part in FM strategy to manage Operation. Currently Nano soft has deployed mobile solution for field staffs clients, visitors process to be more efficient and has ensured that the services request are efficient and has ensured that the services request are effectively handled and tracked by all stakeholder. Its ability to work on offline mode while ensuring low running cost still remain the unique feature of the system.

In the year to come Nanosoft is investing on IOT product and development catering to softservices energy, waste, air and water.“we want to eliminate the manual process, air and water. “we want to Eliminate the manual process where ever applicable to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce involved in FM comment Eashak. The Smart FM platform is Projected to get enhanced and facilitate key solution to all stake holder involved in the process of maintaining a facility/asset.