Greenitco Technologies: Necessary Asset Tracking for Optimum Utilization of Resources

Bharat Gupta, CEO
The arena for asset tracking is rapidly spreading from an industry that was largely reserved for technical administrators,to being part of the data set that drives key decisions in a wide array of industries and verticals. Headquartered in Mumbai, Greenitco has been equipping businesses with innovative asset management software solutions, compliance requirement and Asset auditing to identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions. ITM is a product and Nextmegabyte is a brand of Greenitco Technologies Private Limited. Bringing in 15+ years of technical expertise in security solutions, counterfeiting technology, asset management, infrastructure, the organization bridges the gap between IT department and various other departments. Greenitco is the official partner of Balabit (Forensic investigation software), VMware and also Dell OEM. The portfolio comprises end-to- end solutions for enterprises such as turnkey IT solutions, hardware, IT asset management, physical asset auditing, access management NFC solutions, asset tracking, asset compliance related to IT ACT, ISO 27001, CARGO ACT & Others.

Simplifying Asset Operation at Every Step
ITM adds value to business outcomes by mitigating communication issues troubling the IT teams while enabling status board and downtime tracker. The organization has designed tracking system for offline IT assets and physically verifying assets. The solution enhances visibility in the organization by allowing every user to login and view all assets assigned to them on real time basis. ITM incorporates feedback tracking system with a happiness meter on the ticketing tool that assists the department to gauge customer satisfaction. Via this step, the company emphasizes on keeping a track of IT cost per user and evaluate ways to reduce the associated cost. “Solving ISO27001 Asset handling and labelling policy via our
software is a step towards creating a secure asset management system and attaining the global standards in this area”, explains Bharat Gupta, CEO, Greenitco.

IT Asset Management (ITM)provides user friendly and affordable Enterprise Asset management Licensing model

To ensure improved asset-based operations while achieving operational excellence, IT Asset Management(ITM) provides user friendly and affordable Enterprise Asset management Licensing model. This facilitates organizations to add unlimited assets and unlimited users under each plan. Next megabyte’s quality support team and steadfast dedicated server are the differentiating factors which set the startup apart from the overwhelming school of competitors. Moreover, the company has a mobile app in place to further ease the access and better management of assets. The app deploys camera as a scanner and aids users to add data and cross verify data on the go.

At a point in their business journey, Travel Triangle(TT), a premier player in Travel industry had a major challenge managing more than 5000 assets and improving service delivery with reporting capabilities. The tech savvy ITM team helped TT to manage their assets by deploying a simplified and robust interface. This also resulted in reduced cost on the unused licenses.

With customer satisfaction as motto, ITM endeavors to acquire key position in the IT asset management space by delivering quality service and advanced features at a competitive price. “Creativity is in our blood and experience is visible in our product”, adds Bharat. Took to calling young and tech savvy company, Greenitco is indeed energetic with customer focus and carries a mission to create a greener world by making environmental friendly applications.