Compel Consultancy Efficient Asset Maintenance Scheduling for Maximum OutPut

The probable significance of asset maintenance by management spans a wide variety of perspectives. Some see it as merely repairing broken equipment in a plant; while the careful ones take a broader view and see it as critical to a firm’s profitability. Compel Consultancy pays heed to both the groups and delivers an avantgarde comprehensive asset management solution. Compel Consultancy has been in the market for 18 years, without compromising with the credibility, value and the good will amongst all the clients. Compel is working to provide much better interface and less hassle about any thing related to asset management for client’s business.

Robust Software for Managing Maintenance Activities
Compel’s asset management system, UpKeep, is designed to make sure that all the assets of the organization can be easily scheduled for preventive maintenance as well as inspections. Primarily, UpKeep focuses on maintenance of HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioners), Boilers/ Chillers, Lighting, Kitchen, Plumbing, Lobby, Common areas, Parking Lots, other energy areas and the list goes on for engineering and maintenance. The system’s simple One-Step actions allow notifying users via e-mail. Once a problem is resolved, user can close all linked incidents. Every task has a pre defined time mentioned in the software, which lets the user know the downtime that would be taken for the request to be fulfilled, the moment a task is picked up. UpKeep fetches reports quickly and easily, there by zeroing the time to go online.

Organizations are realizing the importance of EAM in getting a complete picture of the company's assets and overall financial
position. With a full-fledged enterprise asset management software, comes the risks for costs in terms of money, time, and service. A cloud-based EAM solution with real-time visibility and powerful analytics is the right fit that helps maximize asset performance for the purpose of achieving its organizational strategic plan without being cruel on time and money of the business. Upkeep manages the Asset Maintenance by allowing the business to keep scanned copies of AMC and other documents of all the assets present in the property, so that the software can give the pop- up whenever the servicing is due. Upkeep allows keeping a check on the inventory of spare parts which enables a business to automate auditing, reconciliation and also maintains the par stock level with the help of menu engineering.

UpKeep fetches reports quickly and easily, thereby zeroing the time to go online

The software, on the basis of the requests /complaints received, gives the performance reports of the maintenance staff as well as the maintenance team.

Compel’s dedication and expertise earned the company one of the most widespread franchise of malls across India. The company streamlined their process of maintaining and managing the mall’s assets and complaints by giving the evaluated reports such as Asset Inward/Outward, CTT (Consolidated Turnover Time), MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), and Depreciation value of asset. After having stabilized a platform like Upkeep, Compel Consultancy works towards introducing further new features and automation into the product. QR Code scanning, Asset Maintenance Automation and AI in asset management capabilities are few of the add-ons to look forward to in the years to come.